Fordingbridge Astronomers

2019/20 Programme
September Tue 17th 19:30 Exploring the Planets from my Garden by Mark Radice

... and, by extension, how you can explore them from yours.
October Tue 15th 19:30 The Most Extreme Objects in Our Universe by Dr Diego Altamirano

Like all sciences, astrophysics is at its most interesting at the extremes.
November Tue 19th 19:30 AGM
Short Talks and Current Topics in Astronomy by Various Members


Any Astronomical Questions? Your questions on astronomy answered by a panel of members.

An opportunity for members to share things that interest them. We hope to have a miscellany of astronomy-related wisdom and trivia.
December 17th (TBC) 19:30 Members' Pre-Solstice Social Evening Dinner and Quiz (Astronomy & general knowledge)
January Tue 21st 19:30 Imaging the Milky Way by Mary McIntyre FRAS

Learn how to capture and process these wonderful sky-scapes.
February Tue 18th 19:30 Apollo - the Inside Story by Dr David Whitehouse

The people behind this great human endeavour.
March Tue 17th 19:30 A Life on Mars by Bud Budzynski

A light-hearted look at Mars's putative habitability.
April Tue 21st 19:30 Is There Anybody Out There? by Bob Mizon FRAS

Does extra-terrestrial life exist, and how could we know?
May Tue 19th 19:30 And Yet, It Moves! by Steve Tonkin FRAS

Apocryphally, Galileo muttered that phrase; "it" is Earth. But could he prove it and, if he couldn't, who could?
June Tue 16th 19:30 Dark Nebulae by Owen Brazell

Owen is the editor of Deep Sky Observer, the journal of the Webb Deep Sky Society.
July Tue 21st 19:30 Exhibition Meeting & Equipment Clinic

Need help setting up your mount? Collimation problems? Want to know which instrument is best for which purpose? Want to see what equipment members use? This is for you.
August Summer Break: No meetings