The Monthly Meetings will normally include a talk and discussion on an astronomical topic, an open forum for members to share their observations or other astronomical items of current interest, and a guide to the highlights in the night sky for the coming month. Although these meetings are structured, we aim to keep them as informal as possible and to make the topics accessible to newcomers to amateur astronomy. The emphasis is on enjoyment of astronomy.

Unless otherwise stated, Monthly Meetings take place in the The Fighting Cocks, Godshill, Fordingbridge, Hampshire, SP6 2LL (Map) at 19:30 on the 3rd Tuesday of the month (no meeting in August).

Unless otherwise stated, Observing Sessions take place at Hyde (Map) at the time stated below. Park in the carpark at the south of the open ground (immediately opposite the school). We usually set up within the triangle made by the pavilion, cricket square, and gorse to the east of the open space.

2014 Programme
January Saturday 4th 18:30 Observing at Hyde
Friday 10th 18:00 CANCELLED Stargazing Live Public Event at Hyde (Solar System and Constellations)
Tuesday 21st 19:30 Monthly Current Topics in Astronomy:
Hypervelocity Stars by Duncan Reavell
Exoplanets. The search for ET, or a new home for us to wreck? by Paul Thomas
Directional Dark Matter Detection by Steve Tonkin FRAS
Saturday 25th 18:30 Observing at Hyde
February Saturday 1st 18:00 CANCELLED Stargazing Live Public Event at Hyde (Galaxies, Clusters and Nebulae)
Tuesday 18th 19:30 Monthly A Tale of Two Comets by Nick Howes (Pro Am Programme Manager at the Faulkes Telescope Project)
Saturday 22nd 18:30 Observing at Hyde
March Saturday 1st 18:30 (National Astronomy Week) Public Observing at Hyde
Tuesday 18th 19:30 Monthly Space Weather by Prof. Clive Dyer
Saturday 22nd 19:00 Observing at Hyde
Saturday 29th 19:30 Observing at Hyde
April Saturday 5th 20:30 Observing at Hyde
Tuesday 15th 19:30 Monthly Orbital Oddities - Strange goings-on with 3 or more bodies by James Fradgely FRAS
Saturday 19th 21:00 Observing at Hyde
Saturday 26th 21:00 Observing at Hyde
May Saturday 3rd 21:30 Observing at Hyde
Tuesday 20th 19:30 Monthly A to Z of the Solar System by Bob Mizon MBE FRAS (Director of the Campaign for Dark Skies)
Saturday 24th 21:30 Observing at Hyde
Saturday 31st 21:30 Observing at Hyde
June Tuesday 17th 19:30 Monthly Astronomical Equipment clinic members will demonstrate their own equipment and will show you get the best out of yours; bring it along!
Saturday 21st 21:30 Observing at Hyde
Saturday 28th 21:30 Observing at Hyde
July Tuesday 15th 19:30 Monthly Are We Alone? The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence by Steve Tonkin FRAS
Saturday 19th 21:30 Observing at Hyde
Saturday 26th 21:30 Observing at Hyde
August There is no monthly meeting in August; they will resume in September. Details TBA.
Saturday 16th 20:30 Observing at Hyde
Saturday 23rd 20:30 Observing at Hyde