The Monthly Meetings will normally include a talk and discussion on an astronomical topic, an open forum for members to share their observations or other astronomical items of current interest, and a guide to the highlights in the night sky for the coming month. Although these meetings are structured, we aim to keep them as informal as possible and to make the topics accessible to newcomers to amateur astronomy. The emphasis is on enjoyment of astronomy.

Unless otherwise stated, Monthly Meetings take place in the Restaurant of The Old Beams Inn, Salisbury Rd, Ibsley, Hampshire BH24 3PP (Map) at 19:30 on the 3rd Tuesday of the month (no meeting in August).

Unless otherwise stated, Observing Sessions take place at Hyde (Map) at the time stated below. Park in the carpark at the south of the open ground (immediately opposite the school). We usually set up within the triangle made by the pavilion, cricket square, and gorse to the east of the open space.

The status of an observing session is normally updated on our Facebook page on the day, as expected weather conditions are known.

2014-15 Programme
August Sat 16th 20:30 Observing at Hyde
Sat 23rd 20:30 Observing at Hyde
September Tues 16th 19:30 Meeting Short Talks: The Rosetta Mission by Duncan Reavell, Observing equipment — what are the differences? by Paul Thomas, How Astronomical Objects are Named by Steve Tonkin.
Sat 20th 19:30 Observing at Hyde
Sat 27th 19:30 Observing at Hyde
October Sat 18th 19:00 Observing at Hyde
Tues 21st 19:30 Meeting An introduction to Astro-imaging by John Gifford
Sat 25th 18:30 Observing at Hyde
November Sat 15th 18:00 Observing at Hyde
Tues 18th 19:30 Meeting EGM & AGM

followed by:
Rosetta Update by Duncan Reavell
A Victorian Astronomy Magic Lantern Show by Howard Lawrence
Lake Tekapo/Mount John Observatory by Mike Young
Sat 22nd 18:00 Observing at Hyde
Sat 29th 18:00 Observing at Hyde
December Sat 13th 18:00 Observing at Hyde
Tues 16th 19:30 Social
Dinner (must be pre-booked!) plus An Astronomical Call My Bluff by the Committee
Sat 20th 18:00 Observing at Hyde
January Sat 17th 18:00 Observing at Hyde
Tue 20th 19:30 Meeting Our Nearest Neighbour A series of presentations on the subject of the Moon. Expect anything from its effect on animals to the mysterious phenomenon of TLPs.
Sat 24th 18:00 Observing at Hyde