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Unless otherwise stated, Club Observing Sessions take place at Hyde (Map) at the time stated below. Park in the carpark at the south of the open ground (immediately opposite the school). We usually set up within the triangle made by the pavilion, cricket square, and gorse to the east of the open space.

NB: The status of an observing session is normally updated on our Facebook page on the day, as expected weather conditions and availability of members are known. Please check first if you are just coming along on spec. Also be aware that, in summer, it doesn't get dark enough to observe until after 10pm BST.

Visitors are very welcome to attend observing sessions. Please introduce yourself to a club member and abide by our Observing Guidelines at the bottom of this page.

Club Observing 2017/18
September Sat 16th 19:30 at Hyde Sat 23rd 19:30 at Hyde
October Sat 14th 19:30 at Hyde Sat 21st 19:30 at Hyde
November Sat 11th 18:30 at Hyde Sat 18th 18:30 at Hyde
December Sat 16th 18:30 at Hyde Sat 23rd 18:30 at Hyde
January Sat 13th 18:30 at Hyde Sat 20th 18:30 at Hyde
February Sat 10th 18:30 at Hyde Sat 17th 18:30 at Hyde
March Sat 10th 19:00 at Hyde Sat 17th 19:00 at Hyde
April Sat 7th 20:00 at Hyde Sat 14th 20:30 at Hyde
Sat 21st 21:00 at Hyde
May Sat 12th 21:00 at Hyde Sat 19th 21:30 at Hyde
June Sat 9th 21:30 at Hyde Sun 16th 21:30 at Hyde
July Sat 7th 21:30 at Hyde Sat 14th 21:30 at Hyde
August Sat 4th 21:00 at Hyde Sun 12th 21:00 at Hyde (Persieds Picnic)

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Observing Guidelines

These guidelines are intended to promote enjoyable, safe observing for all present. They should also give newcomers an idea of what to expect.

Our club observing sessions are informal affairs where everybody "does their own thing". Unless it is billed as a public observing event, there will be no formal tuition (although somebody will usually be happy to give newcomers a brief guide to the current night sky and/or what is happening). In particular:

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